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Midstate Trail

The Midstate Trail

The Midstate Trail is a scenic footpath located in Worcester County, 45 miles west of Boston. This 92-mile hiking trail extends from Rhode Island crossing the gentle hills of central Massachusetts to the New Hampshire border. The Midstate Trail is highly accessible, easy to hike and the best way to enjoy the natural side of the region. The Midstate Trail is close to large population centers, yet it is remarkably wild and scenic. The AMC Worcester Chapters Midstate Trail Committee oversees the administration and maintenance of the trail. The Committee is augmented by a larger group of resident volunteer maintainers, who, like you, are invaluable to the survival of the Midstate Trail. The Committee welcomes anyone willing to help maintain a part of this "close to home" trail. The trail is blazed by the tell-tale yellow triangle.

We'll have some fun and interesting trail work days building bog bridges, moving some big rocks, as well as general trail maintenance. If you have time and would like to help on the Midstate Trail, please contact Don Hoffses for more information.

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