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Entering a Trip in the AMC Trips Database

  1. Go to
  2. Type your e-mail address and password (obtained from Committee Chairperson).
  3. Next to Add New Chapter Trip, click Go.
  4. Type a descriptive trip title. Read the guidelines ( for creating a trip title and description. For example: Hike Mt Wachusett
  5. Select Magazine and Web. Note: if it's already passed the magazine deadline for your trip, you can still put it on the Web.
  6. Select the Date Range using the dd/mm/yyyy format. If your trip spans multiple days, enter the beginning and ending dates.
  7. Type a magazine description. The form will automatically copy the magazine description into the web description field. Do not enter dates or contact information in this field. Please read these guidelines ( before entering a description. Use abbreviations provided (see left margin). Enter (INTRO), (Interm), or (Adv) to state the level of difficulty for the trip, if applicable. For example:

    (INTRO) Hike 3 miles at easy pace to the top of Mt Wachusett. 800 ft elev. gain. Bring water and snacks. Meet at Visitorís Center off Mountain Rd. at 10:30am.

  8. Click Check Spelling to run spell check on your description.
  9. Select Contact us to participate if you want people to contact you to sign up or get information. Select No registration required if people can just show up for your trip without contact you first.This is the default setting.
  10. Type a location (optional), and select a region and state (required).
  11. Select the Activity from the drop down list, Select a secondary activity, if there is one. Select the Committee dropdown list and choose one of these committees: hiking, backpacking, paddling, social, young members, families, bicycling, skiing, trails, conservation, or leadership . Choosing any other committee may result in your trip getting lost, so be sure to use only these committees.
  12. Select whether you want your e-mail or phone to appear on Web. Important: You must provide either a phone number or e-mail address or people won't be able to contact you when your trip is listed on the AMC Worcester Web site.
  13. Enter any co-leader information.
  14. Enter any registrar information, if you have a person acting as the registrar for the trip. Enter registrar information only if want people to sign up with a person other than you or your co-leader.
  15. Leave the Difficulty field blank.
  16. Leave the Web Release Date as is unless you don't want to advertise your trip that early. By default, trips are posted on the Web as early as possible.
  17. Select the Magazine Publication starting issue date.
  18. Click Save and Forward to Reviewer.

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