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AMC Trip Description Style Guidelines


Brief title (first letter in each word capitalized) use period: Mt. Garfield (4500 ft.). Mountain height is part of the trip title, in parentheses, abbreviate feet. Canoe classifications are part of the title. Following comma after trip title, do not spell out Class or abbreviate Class to CL: Suncook, 2. Use range or + symbol. Suncook, 2-3. Suncook, 2+.


  • Do not repeat the trip title in the description. Titles are automatically added to your listing.
  • Do not include information about who to contact, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, leaders, co-leaders. This information is supplied automatically from the data that you type in the online form.
  • Do not include the date or time in the description. This information is supplied from the date field that you selected at the top of the form.
  • Keep descriptions and directions brief. Please do not include lengthy directions to activity site. List location only. Only those who call to sign up with you need directions, not the entire AMC.
  • Limit lengthy descriptions. Please do not include lengthy descriptions about scenery, history of trip, or detailed schedules. Write a colorful trip headline instead. While we realize you like to "sell" trips, we can't afford to print lengthy listings.
  • Use motivating, concise listings rather than longer, wordy listings with less impact. Let's work to cut down on words where we can, while still including necessary information. You can include longer descriptions of the trip, up to 150 words, in the Web description.

Here's an example of a loose, then concise listing:

Long write-up
We'll climb a couple of hills in the morning to warm up and catch some views, then stop for lunch by a frozen lake. More climbs in the afternoon will keep us toasty, then we go out on the Reeves Brook Trail. Rain or snow cancels, flurries OK.

Short version
2 climbs w/ views in the AM, lunch by frozen lake. More hills, then out on Reeves Brook Trail. Rain or snow cancels, flurries OK.

Capitalization, double spaces, boldface, tabs, indents, etc., are not necessary and are time consuming to remove.

Returns at the end of each line are not needed, simply use a return at the end of each individual trip announcement.

Put only one space after periods.

Ampersand (&) Use whenever possible.

Plurals Do not use an apostrophe to construct plural: 40s, Ls, etc.

Numbers Use figures. Rearrange sentence to avoid beginning with a number; spell out if not possible. Rearrange to avoid 2 numbers in a row; if not possible, spell the smaller number: Bring three 20-oz. containers. Spell proper names: Nineteen-Mile Brook.

Time and Decimals Use decimals, not fractions: 0.5 mi. Use decimals or minutes if less than 1 hour: 0.5 hrs. or 30 mins. Use decimal if over 1 hour: 6.5 hrs. Abbreviate hour to hr. and minute to min.

Miscellaneous The following are written as one word: airfare, hotline, potluck. Midstate Trail is NOT hyphenated. I-95 is hyphenated.



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